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Thank you to you both for your incredible support over these last years, and most especially in these last 7 months!! We are very clear we couldn’t have done this without you, so are feeling immense gratitude. Thank you also for your offer of advice if and when we need it…..this is very much appreciated.

Mr & Mrs SK, Sussex

Thank you so much to you and Liz for all your help and guidance as well as introducing us to the house. Your research and advice has been hugely reassuring ahead of embarking on a project like this!!

Mr & Mrs AD, London

We have made it to East Sussex and could never have achieved it without your help. In just over a year we have sold two houses and bought another, moved across the Irish Sea with two dogs and four cats and the horses will follow.
You took away the headache of house hunting and purchase for us and guided us to a great location. Our sincere thanks and best wishes to you all.

Mr & Mrs F, N.Ireland

“Thanks again for all your help over the past few months. Really could not have got to here without you.”

Mr HP, Hong Kong

“Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. You have helped everything along very well and used sense, charm and intuition to navigate the various barriers that cropped up. Not only did you find us a lovely house but you also achieved a good result and as painlessly as possible. So thank you very much.”

Mr & Mrs SJ, Sussex

“Thank you very much indeed for all your help (and) for your unfailing patience and good humour in steering me finally to our goal.”

Mrs PB, Sussex

“We are all so delighted to be here… Thank you so much for all your help and persistence on our behalf – you kept us hopeful and positive – and I am sure we would have lost the property at the end without your experience and tact.”

MR & Mrs AJ, Hove

“I cannot believe that we have finally bought out house! We wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work over the last 4 years. It has been a long journey with numerous twists and turns but we have at last reached our destination. We very much appreciate the amount of time and effort that you have put towards our search, and are most grateful for your perseverance despite continued setbacks.”

Mr & Mrs NA, Esher

“We are obviously delighted to have completed -it was a long haul but worth it in the end. We would like to express our thanks to you for your assistance over the last nine months. The vendors were, by any standards, very difficult and you handled them very professionally. It was a great weight off our minds to know that you were keeping such a close eye on things with us at such a distance.”

Mr & Mrs BG, Surrey

“We would like to take this opportunity to say how grateful we were to you for finding our house for us and for all the trouble you took over the negotiations. It made our lives so much easier just at a time when we needed less stress. It was wonderful to be able to feel that someone was attending to all the problems, large and small, that occur when buying a house.”

Mr & Mrs NY, Kent

“We would like to thank you for all your support with our house purchase, particularly in helping to manage the process over the last few weeks…. We got there in the end and we really are very grateful for all your help.”

Mr & Mrs SL - Kent

“A very big thank you for all your expertise and kindness over this traumatic house buying operation. Friends were not joking when they said its one of the most stressful things that can happen to you – but, for me, made far, far easier thanks to you.”

Ms CR, East Sussex

“I would like to pay tribute to the exceptional efforts you have made on our behalf over such a long period of time. You are the definition of a true professional, so thorough and diligent, so easy to talk to and such a safe pair of hands in negotiations. When things looked bleak, you helped u through.  When the opportunity of a lifetime came along, you did a wonderful deal for us, for which we will always be deeply grateful. You are a superb team.”

Mr & Mrs CK, Exmoor

“I am so delighted that we have finally found our family home; the view is fabulous and the garden full of pheasants. My hard work now begins on the interior.”

Mr & Mrs FC, West Sussex

“I do not think we would have gotten there without your help – so thank you. We are very excited.”

Mr & Mrs LL, Kent

“Thank you for all your support, particularly over the last three months as you helped wrestle our purchase to the ground…. We have really enjoyed working with you. You have provided boundless energy and enthusiasm and have been a great source of advice. House buying is such a complicated and stressful process. Your experience and balance has been invaluable and I am not sure we would have managed t without you. We will recommend you unreservedly to family and friends.”

Mr & Mrs JR, East Sussex

“Thank you very much for helping find our property. Being in Lancaster had made it doubly difficult finding a property in Tunbridge Wells. But you made it easier and more manageable. Asking you was the best decision we’ve done regarding our relocation; your service is excellent, the best part is being able to see properties before they were put in the market.”

Mr & Mrs TH, Kent

“We would like to thank you both for not only finding the property but also for the many different ways in which you have offered help, advice and support. We would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for that difficult-to-find property!”

Mr & Mrs NA, West Sussex

“We are thrilled to have bought (the property) and are so grateful to you all for finding it for us.”

Mr & Mrs HS, East Sussex

“We are all so delighted to be here…. Thank you so much for your help and persistence on our behalf – you kept us hopeful and positive – and I am sure we would have lost the property at the end without your experience and tact.”

Mrs & Mrs AJ, West Sussex